[Domterm-discuss] Installing on Macos possible?

bkb bkb at petml.com
Wed Jun 27 10:56:39 PDT 2018

> On 27 Jun 2018, at 18:12, Per Bothner <per at bothner.com> wrote:
> It might be worth re-building libwebsockets from source.
> See the instructions at http://domterm.org/Downloading-and-building.html
> section "Building libwebsockets, if needed".
> Still, Fedora also has 2.4.2, and I can successfully run with that,
> so that might not be a factor.
> Note, to use the new library you need to configure with
>  --with-libwebsockets=LWS_BUILDDIR
> (See note under configure.)

I could build libwebsockets from source

./configure —with-…. and gcc found libwebsockets.a. So this worked I think.

but still this annoying error

DomTerm> make
Making all in .
cd lws-term && make ../bin/domterm
cd .. && ../autotools-aux/install-sh -c -d bin
/bin/sh: ../autotools-aux/install-sh: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [../bin/domterm] Error 127
make[1]: *** [bin/domterm] Error 2
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

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